Oblivion: Without Question My Favorite Movie Of All Time

Oblivion was cinematic perfection. 10/10. Mind blowing. A once in a lifetime experience. Instant sci-fi classic. Breathtaking. A must-see. Read the Full Review >>

Six reasons you shouldn't waste your money on Elysium

Elysium is a mess from start to finish. It felt like it was made in a week and the shaky cam and bizarre accents were used to cover up the action and the dialogue. Read the Full Review >>

Wolverine is slow and action filled, entertaining and confusing

This movie and storyline are for the diehard X-Men and Wolverine fans. All others will need a guide to try and follow along, or get lost along the way and give up as I did. Read the Full Review >>

Copperhead: A Civil War Story Unlike Any Other

The story of the Civil War, because of all that it stood for and the impact it has had on our country, has been told in many different ways. Some of the greatest movies depicting the horrors and the setting of the war include Gettysburg, Gods and Generals, and Glory. Copperhead stands out from the majority of these movies, with a fresh look on the impact of the war, as felt by a few families in a small town. Read the Full Review >>

World War Z is a suspenseful thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat and puts you through a whole lot of stress

End of the world movies challenge our thinking for how we would handle ourselves in the event that all the temporary things we hang our hopes on and all that we are accustomed to were gone in an instant. But couple that situation with a virus that causes Zombism, and we have one of the most difficult challenges we could ever fear to face. Read the Full Review >>

Superman regains his rightful place as the #1 superhero of all time.

Superman has always been about more than his abilities. The real themes of Superman center around the moral challenges. It's the pain of not being able to save everyone, not even your loved ones, despite having seemingly unlimited power. It's the challenge of being different from everyone else and having them fear you even when you are trying to help them. It's the constant ebb and flow of fitting in for a moment, then being reminded once again that you never can because of who you are. Read the Full Review >>

In Good Company

Forced and artificial. Shallow and undeveloped. Read the Full Review >>

The Island

Much getter then the critics would like you to believe. Read the Full Review >>