Here I will review movies and television shows, saving you from the pain of bad cinema, and recommending those you don't want to miss.

I grew up on movies, getting hooked when I first saw Star Wars in 1977. I went on to watch that classic over 125 times before I stopped counting. I grew up on Blockbuster, riding my bike as a kid to rent the latest. In high school, I wrote a screenplay and dreamt of one day writing movies for a living. That dream didn't come true, but after years of reserving my thoughts on movies and television shows for my family and closest friends, and more recently sharing quips on Twitter and Facebook, I decided to put a little more thought into the reviews and share them in a more organized and collected manner.

Here's hoping my reviews save you some money in avoiding the bad ones, and help you find those that will make you think, re-access your life, or just thoroughly enjoy a Friday night or Saturday afternoon. Hopefully along the way, I'll also help you think about some movies and shows from a different perspective. Thanks for reading!

Brian N. Burridge